Tree Removal -  Specializing in safe, complete tree removals with minimal damage to your yard. Ask about leaving fire wood or doing clean up yourself to reduce price! 

Emergency Jobs -  Storms happen! Often when we least expect it the weather will bring trees down   on a house! Sim's Tree is often one of the first tree companies called by  First Response, (a company which will work with your insurance company to pay for fast emergency service). Sim's Tree is known for fast arrival & quick work to remove trees off the house, and excellent & fast roof tarping repair before rain can cause more damage to your home.  

Tree trimming - Simeon's skill in climbing and knowledge on how to properly trim a tree will leave your trees both beautiful and healthy. No tree topping here! (Chopping the entire top off a tree will kill it). 

Excavator work - With our excavator we can clear lots, remove pools, move logs, large rocks, dirt,   debris, and so much more! Our Excavator comes in VERY handy! 

Crane work - Yup,  you saw that correctly. Sim's tree owns its own CRANE. This makes some impossible jobs, possible! When the only way OUT is UP we got it covered! No worries about power lines, close neighbors, structures and no place to land trees. Sometimes a crane is the only way! 

Sim's Tree LLC