About Us

Welcome to Sim's Tree!

We are a small family business based out of Dowagiac Michigan. We are dedicated to helping people safely remove dangerous trees and branches threatening their homes.


Simeon Borsman (owner) has been in the logging and arborist business since he was 13 years old. After obtaining his BA in Industrial Arts and Technology, specializing in wood-working. He then took a job managing a lumber yard, and spent a few years in the logging industry. After this Simeon began working for a tree trimming and removal company in West Virginia. His knack for management and skill with a chainsaw for precise cutting and removing very hazardous trees quickly gained him a promotion into management and he expanded the company into running multiple full time crews. After a move up north to Michigan, Simeon started his own business specializing in very difficult and hazardous tree removals. 

Sim's Tree LLC  is Licensed and insured!

This is extremely important for you as a customer. If the company or individual you hire does NOT carry insurance your home is at major risk and any damage incurred will have to be paid for by YOU! ​With company you choose please check to make sure they carry insurance! 

Sim's Tree LLC